Enrichment Programs

The Sherman Oaks Parents Association provides numerous enrichment programs to enhance the educational experiences of the students at SOEC. As a result of numerous budget cuts, LAUSD is unable to afford any of the following programs. Fortunately, SOPA is able pay for all of these supplemental programs so that our students receive a well-rounded and complete educational experience.

These programs include:



SOEC continues to sustain a full time music program for all of its students. The music program is a general music program with a vocal emphasis. All of the lessons taught by Ms. Marnie Wheeler are founded on the California State Content Standards for Music. Students attend a weekly 40 minute class which focuses on using the voice as the primary instrument. In every class the students work on ear training through the use of the famous Kodaly method. Students learn proper vocal technique throughout the year and demonstrate their skills at the annual Winter and Spring Sings.

SOEC also provides an additional Chorus Program for the 4th and 5th graders. Chorus is an audition based ensemble that meets once a week after school on Tuesdays. In Chorus the students get a chance to increase their personal knowledge of using the voice as an instrument. They also learn how to work with others to create a musical performance. Chorus performs more difficult musical skills and learns to sing in different languages.




Art Explorers is an interactive educational art program created by Karen Binkow in 1997 as a means to foster art education for K – 5th grade students at Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter. Mrs. Binkow, Mrs. Robyn Williams and Ms. Maryanne Venagas currently teach the program which encompasses art history as well as art techniques taught through age appropriate lessons.

Each weekly Art Explorers lesson includes a hands-on, creative project in a variety of styles utilizing various mediums (Kindergarten lessons are monthly). A wide array of genres and their artists are covered from ancient times to present day including Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Sculpture, Photography, Animation, etc. During their six years at Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter, students will be exposed to over 150 different artists and artistic styles!

2013 SOEC Student Gallery List


Kindergarten Science

Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter School is the only school that provides a science through art program for kindergartners. The program will cover three units of science, namely PHYSICAL SCIENCE, EARTH SCIENCE AND LIFE SCIENCE. The kindergartner will come home with scientific facts and concepts, and he/she will learn scientific words.

Kindergartners will receive science twice a week along with art projects relevant to the subject being taught. By the end of the year, the child’s bedroom will be filled with creative projects that is only done here.


Computer Lab

computer image

The computer lab houses 40 21-inch iMac computers, running both Apple OS X & Windows XP. Each Mac is fully loaded to help our students accomplish all their media, research and core-curriculum reinforcing projects.

Our computer lab instructors come from ComputerWiseKids. Each class is instructed through a grade-appropriate curriculum. For the most complete and up to date grade level curriculum and student login pages please click here to view: SOEC Computer Lab.

Our Media Lab is a 21st Century resource utilized by all grade levels. Whole class access to lab computers, in addition to classroom computers, enables our teachers to effectively integrate technology to help our students better understand and apply the concepts being taught. ComputerWiseKids provide support for teachers’ instruction and project based learning. The goal in the Media Lab is to teach a variety of technology skills across a wide range of standards in a nurturing environment. These skills are developed in exciting project based lessons integrated with grade level classroom curriculum.


Science Lab

Science Lab

Kimberly Kramer, our science lab teacher, provides FOSS based science lessons to T.K and grades 1 –5. Lab instruction consists of 35 to 55 minute lessons once a week in the Science Lab (Room 7), assisted by each grade level teacher. Lessons will have a brief lecture (5-10 minutes) and 30-45 minute of hands-on learning activities. All lessons will be taught in conjunction with science lessons and activities taught in each grade level classroom. Ms. Kramer works in conjunction with the teachers and administration on science curriculum development and adjunct activities such as field trips or services offered on site to supplement science learning.




Once a week, the students of SOEC participate in an organized physical education program provided by My Gym Encino.  A credentialed teacher and six professional P.E. teachers guide each grade level through various activities.