Traffic and Safety Announcements

Traffic and Safety Update (August 23, 2013)

Safety Committee Announcement 

Stop, Drop & Roll 

SOEC parents, thank you for your cooperation as the school began it’s first week with all students entering campus independently.  Please follow the guidelines below to help Stop, Drop & Roll (SDR) operate more quickly, smoothly, and safely.

-Have students ready to exit the car quickly when the door is opened. Make sure backpacks and lunch bags are ready in hand.

-Say your goodbyes and make after school arrangements prior to the door being opened.

-Please park and walk your student to the gate if they require a longer goodbye at this time.

-Please wait for an adult to open the door!

-Adults may NOT get out of cars in the SDR lane.

-Please exit SDR quickly once a volunteer has closed your door, while watching carefully for traffic.

-Follow traffic laws, do not make U-turns in front of school or park across the street and let your child run across.

-4th and 5th graders are available to assist Kinders from the main gate to the kinder yard.

-Give yourself enough time to get to school. Gates open at 7:35am and the SDR wait is minimal at that time.

-If your child is in 1st-5th, consider using the Dickens SDR gate.

-Do NOT park in front of the Kinder gates as the street is too narrow.  Do not park so you block the entrance or exit of the SDR lane.  Parked cars create traffic jams.

-VOLUNTEER to help with SDR.

-Remember to THANK our parent volunteers!

SDR Diagram

SDR Diagram