Website, Facebook and Email Submission Guidelines

In the spirit of keeping the SOEC community informed of important school announcements, we publish an email newsletter each Friday, “blast” emails periodically thru the week and strive to constantly update information via the SOEC website and SOPA Facebook page.  We encourage all SOEC members to check email frequently, to visit the school website (www.shermanoakselementarycharter.com), and SOPA on Facebook & Twitter.

– All communication requests are just that, requests. There is no guarantee for inclusion in requested format.  Info will, more than likely, be included in some format at the sole discretion of the communications committee (website, Facebook, Twitter, emails, newsletter, blast). Multiple mentions are possible.

– If specific to a Newsletter- requests are to be submitted by Wednesday at noon to be included in that Friday’s newsletter.

– If specific to a Blast – requests are to be submitted 72hrs in advance unless deemed an emergency (newsletter submission already established at Wednesday at noon).

– Day, time and exclusivity are never guaranteed. They may be requested. If the information is time sensitive that is to be noted in the submission. Emails are sent based on numerous factors and requested emails could be merged.

– All emails are approved by communication committee representatives and SOPA president or rep (when SOPA is involved) and/or Governance Council president or rep (when GC is involved). President/rep must be predetermined and disclosed to Communications Committee for approval process. Rep is to remain constant. Approval is given for content accuracy not layout. Only designated rep can approve/comment/request changes/etc.

– Positioning in communications is based upon various factors- requests will be taken but not guaranteed.

– Emails can only be sent with prior approval of Communications Committee.

– Website requests are to be submitted by Wednesday 4pm the week before information is to appear online- unless deemed an emergency

– Facebook/Twitter requests need 24-48hrs before the information is to appear- unless deemed an emergency


-Messages must be short and to the point and should include a contact person AND THEIR CONTACT INFO – either an e-mail address or phone number in the text of the e-mail.

-Messages must pertain directly to SOPA, governance or official school/school district activities and/or events that take place at the school. It is not intended for the promotion of personal news or announcements

-Messages for outside companies or businesses (including enrichment programs) must be sponsored by SOPA or take place on campus and require SOPA approval.  

-All message may be edited for publication



If guidelines are not adhered to, content may not be published.