Talk with your child’s teacher to see how and when you can best help out in the classroom.  Some teachers prefer volunteers in the classroom; while others prefer volunteers that can work on projects at home. Volunteers make the student-to-adult ratio in the classroom even lower.   Another adult in the classroom can be beneficial, when the kids split up into small groups.
  This is especially important in the lower grades such as Kindergarten and First. Tasks may be as simple as helping cut and staple materials.  Your passing TB test results are required at the school before you can volunteer


 In order to volunteer in the classroom, the school must have documentation of your negative TB test.  If you are a new parent at the school, your TB Test needs to be within the last 6 months.
  If you are a returning volunteer with results on record, you need to renew the TB Test results every 4 years. See your family doctor, or the school district offers free TB tests in Encino. Visit the office for details.