Grade Levels

  • Transitional Kindergarten

The Transitional Kindergarten benefits children who need time to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and/or intellectually.  This developmental program acts as a bridge between a flexible environment and the more structured academic setting of Kindergarten.


Marcia Ozeki – Room 29


  • Kindergarten

Ensuring all students have meaningful learning experiences, empowering them to succeed in an ever changing world.


Michelle Ambers – Room 35

Annie Le Vantine – Room 27

Laurene O’Malley – Room 28

Cynthia Paonessa – Room 38

Ranchel Vidaure – Room 30

Caryn Wang – Room 39


  • 1st Grade

In first grade, we are building a foundation for future learning in reading, writing and problem solving.  We strive to create a safe, supportive and fun learning environment.


Deborah Cochran – Room 15

Gabby Garland/Jennifer Guldalian – Room 32

Tiffany Hill – Room 31

Jane Pope – Room 35

Laura Simmons – Room 34

Shirley Sofer – Room 37

Kim Todd – Room 33


  • 2nd Grade

The Second Grade team prides itself on providing a “supportive, nurturing, child centered, and learning environment.” The second grade reading and literacy curriculum focus on higher level thinking skills. Our writing program includes Write from the Beginning activities to address the needs of all students. Math, science, and social studies lessons will also provide many opportunities for students to develop their writing skills. Mathematic lessons and activities will focus on meeting California Common Core Mathematics Standards. A central year-long theme in Grade 2 is understanding place value for whole numbers. Field trips are planned throughout the year to support or enhance our science, social studies and art curriculum.


Julie Curtis – Room 13

Mikki Doh – Room 17

Susie Eden – Room 14

Jan Guinn – Room 16

Stephanie Kirsch – Room 12

Tamara Mitchell – Room 18


  • 3rd Grade

In third grade, we focus on transitioning our students from primary grades to upper grades. We prepare them to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically. We work together as a team through project based learning to ensure that our students become independent thinkers with active and creative minds.


Robyn Arnold – Room 21

Gohar Baroyan – Room 25

Christina Bludau – Room 26

Marti Conn – Room 20

Deborah Lampert – Room 23

Janette Pagan – Room 24

Michelle Urfalian 3/4 – Room 6


  • 4th Grade

We provide all students with a quality education by creating a rich, safe, and diverse learning environment.  We recognize each individual’s uniqueness and challenge all to reach their highest potential.  Our classroom maintains a safe environment both academically and socially for all students.


Melinda Keenan – Room 3

Roz Linton – Room 5

Elaine Princi – Room 4

Michelle Urfalian 3/4 – Room 6


  • 5th Grade

Through project-based learning, cooperative learning and taking individual responsibility for academic and social choices, we prepare students for the independent learning required in Middle School.


Dave Cook 4/5 – Room 8

Peggy Cruz – Room 2

Carol Shpiro – Room 1