The full curriculum at Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter integrates challenging academics, creative arts, and dynamic physical activity, educating the whole, well-rounded child, and introducing all our children to the breadth of opportunities our world provides.  Who knows which subject will ignite your child?  With our talented teachers and enriching programs, your child will find a kaleidoscope of activities to spark their enthusiasm.

We have a strong structure to accommodate all our children no matter what their individual needs are.  We are a School for Advanced Studies (SAS), guiding our children to a deeper level of critical thinking and analysis.  We focus on the success for all spectrums:  all teachers educate all children using SAS strategies; gifted/high achieving students are clustered together; and we have three different special education programs, emphasizing the advancement for each child.

All grades learn the core content standards for language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.  Beyond that, project-based and hands-on learning techniques are employed to provide an innovative instructional program that actively engages all children to embrace learning, achieve their highest potential, and master a 21st century curriculum.

Some of the highlights for each grade are:

Kindergartners study the relationship between time, geography, and people.  They also begin learning civic responsibility, as well as having art projects and science enrichment integrated into the daily schedule.

1st graders “travel around the world” with the passports they create, visiting each classroom decorated as a different country and presenting its cultures. Students create their own globes of the world out of paper maiche balloons.

 2nd Grade geographic presentations.  Children put on historical plays about Thanksgiving, create original hard cover books that they can take home, as well as perform hands-on science projects.

3rd Grade Biography Breakfast, where students dress up and become historical figures and present their life stories to their audiences.  They also hold an Invention Convention, where students share with family and friends an invention they created, along with a brief and full page print ad.

4th Grade California mission projects; media lab projects learning to create reports in PowerPoint.

5th Grade CIMI retreat and the invaluable social skills that come with the sleep-away camp experience; Holiday skits and historic re-enactments.


Math & Science Night
Our children’s exploration into the scientific world is celebrated in our annual Math & Science Night, where all grades enjoy a campus-wide laboratory, with fun, interactive stations hosted by the teachers. From creating cinemascopes to launching rockets, this festival further entrenches the fun of scientific exploration.

Catalina Island Marine Institute
One of our kids’ crowning activities is the Fifth Graders’ excursion to Catalina Island. They spend their days snorkeling, hiking, dissecting, and researching marine life at CIMI, the Catalina Island Marine Institute, and their nights forming life-long memories with their classmates and teachers through the fun sleep-away camp activities. What a great way to cap off six years of fun, engaging scientific exploration.