Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter School is comprised of 40 classrooms, a music room, a computer lab, two classrooms for the Art Explorers Program, a science laboratory, a library, a teachers’ lounge, a nurses office, and an auditorium.

Music Classroom: Our music classroom allows each child to receive music instruction once per week, and is also utilized by our chorus and orchestra.

Computer Lab: The computer lab has 40  21-inch Apple iMac computers, running both Apple OSX & Windows XP.  Each Mac is fully loaded (including iLife, Office, KidPix, HyperStudio, Type to Learn and so much more) to help our students accomplish all their media, research and core-curriculum reinforcing projects.

Art Explorers Classrooms: In our two art explorers classrooms, each child has the opportunity to learn about a variety of different artists, styles, and the history of how each art style was developed.  The classrooms encourage the hands on creative art program as the three instructors utilize a multitude of mediums. Our amazing three art explorer instructors are Karen Binkow, Robyn Williams, and Maryanne Vanegas.

Science Laboratory: Our extraordinary and enthusiastic Science instructor, Kimberly Kramer, has turned the science lab into one of the hottest places to be on campus. Mrs. Kramer provides our children with engaging hands-on experiments and learning that complement their science textbooks. First grade through fifth grade study all three types of science each year: Life, Earth and Physical Science.

The “McKee Mattoo Family” Library:  Thanks to the generous donations from the Wonder of Reading foundation and SOPA the “McKee Mattoo Family” library has over 10,000 books gracing our shelves.

Children love to nestle into the library’s cozy corners and immerse themselves in varied books. Our library offer something for all interests: the latest releases, picture books, classic stories, and engaging non-fiction. There are even plush animals and puppets available for our youngest visitors.  The library’s open layout offers a view of the plentiful books, stadium seating, sunken reading nook, dark wood tables, and beautiful couched seating areas. The walls are adorned with amazing artwork from over the years by different classes and members of the school community, depicting large cover art of our children’s favorite books.

The library is a well used campus resource, hosting meetings and special events, but most importantly inspiring our children’s explorations. Each class visits the library often to check out books and learn library research techniques. Children and classes are also free to utilize the library during and after school.

Teachers’ Lounge: In 2005, our teachers’ lounge received a beautiful makeover, thanks to the Beers family and Discovery Channel’s Monster House.

Our teachers enjoy 2 massage chairs, a coffee bar, luxury couches, a park-like ‘outdoor-cafe’ lunch room, a stylish resource room and handy rotating mailboxes.  This environment allows their break time to be more refreshing, so they can truly have a home away from home.

Nurses’ Office:  We have two nurse’s aides who assist with assessing the needs of each child.  If your child requires special medications to be dispensed, a nurse’s aide will assist  your child at the appropriate and designated times.

Auditorium: Our auditorium has seating for 150, which is utilized for special events including the book fair and the musical theater performances.