Essential Information

Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter Essential Information

School Hours:
8:00 a.m. – *2:24 p.m. (Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri.) 8:00 a.m. – 1:20 p.m. (Every Tuesday)

On minimum days, school is dismissed at 12:30 p.m.

On, shortened days school is dismissed at 1:45 p.m.

Morning Drop Off for Students:

The gates (Greenleaf/Dickens West) open at 7:35 a.m.

For the safety of our students, please do not drop students off at school before 7:35 a.m. as there is no supervision.

Afterschool Pick Up:

All gates open at 2:24 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Tuesdays, all gates will be open at 1:24 p.m.

All gates close at 2:50 p.m. (M, W, Th, F) and Tuesday at 1:50 p.m.

For the safety of our students, please pick your child up promptly after school. There is no afterschool supervision.

After school playground:

Students are not permitted on the school playground after school unless they are enrolled in YS, Kid’s Center, or participating in an enrichment program. Students in grades 2-5 that are not picked up on time will wait for parents at the Greenleaf Reading Garden (next to front office). Students in grades K-1 will wait for parents inside the nurse’s office. Parents may enter through the front office to pick up their child. The office is open until 4:30 p.m.

To enroll in YS, students must be in grades 2-5. Applications can be picked up in the Main Office.

To enroll in Kid Center, students can be in grades K-5. Applications can be found in the Kid’s Center Office. Kid’s Center Director: Deanna Weigold.


Los Angeles Unified School District utilizes an on-line attendance reporting system. Each morning teachers log on to the District website to note those students who are absent. Students who arrive late are entered into the system as tardy for the day. In addition, students who leave school early have their check-out time entered into the system. The system recognizes students who arrive late or leave early as tardy since both situations cause students to miss instructional time.

An automated phone system notifies parents the same day their son/daughter has been marked either absent or tardy. One phone call is made at 10am and another at 6pm. Please be advised that the system uses one generic message for students who are tardy or absent.


When children are absent for any cause, parents are required to send a note to school giving the specific reason for the absence. Tardiness should also be verified by a note. State law requires that each absence be verified. Absences are excused only when a child is absent from school due to illness or medical appointments. Please keep your child out of school only when he/she is ill. When taking your child out of school, students must be checked out through the main office.

We encourage you to make your child’s doctor and dental appointments outside of school hours. Senate Bill (SB) 727 placed in effect that the School Districts will no longer receive funds from the State for any student absence. Therefore, the school loses money each time a child is absent. Unless your child is ill, please make sure that your child attends school and arrives on time.

Unexcused absences include: vacations, trips, unverified illness, running errands, “family emergency”, weather, traffic, transportation issues.


Parents wishing to apply for the Federal Lunch Program, who have not already received notification by mail, should complete a lunch application form, which can be picked up in the cafeteria by you or your child. Parents can also go online to fill out and submit and application at:

Breakfast is served to all students in their classroom free of cost.

The cafeteria is open to children in Grades K-5. A single lunch may also be purchased daily for $2.75. Milk will be sold for $.75 daily to children bringing their lunch.

To see the daily menu, please click LINK TO MENU

Students with allergies must pick up a medical statement form from the cafeteria and have it signed by a doctor. Those students will be provided the appropriate meal based on the doctor’s determined restrictions.

Students wishing to purchase lunch may bring lunch money in cash and pay in person at lunch time or parents can establish an account online to fund their child’s meals. Go to to create an account and add funding. Your child will then provide their name to the cafeteria attendant and funds will be automatically deducted from your child’s account. Reminders can also be set to let you know when your child’s account is running low on funds. It’s simple to maintain and a great way to ensure your child always has lunch money available.

Students without money will be given lunch and charged for a regular meal ($2.75). If a student owes money, a letter will be sent home for collection. Letters go out on Wednesdays.

If you visit your child during lunchtime, you must check in through the office first. Federal law states that only students and school personnel may be in the eating area. This means that you are not allowed to come on campus and sit with your child at breakfast or lunch.

Questions about our breakfast and lunch program can be directed to our Cafeteria Manager: Lisa Parker 818 784 4340


Parents are welcome to visit our school, meet their child’s teacher, and become acquainted with the school programs. Twenty minutes is the suggested time limit for visitations. We require that visitors come to the office first, obtain a visitor’s badge, and sign-in. In order for each teacher to get to know the children, it is strongly recommended that parents wait until after Back to School Night to make classroom visits.

To avoid interrupting valuable classroom instruction, forgotten items (lunches, etc.) should be brought to the office. Your child’s classroom will be called.

If you visit your child during lunchtime, you must check in through the office first. Federal law states that only students and school personnel may be in the eating area. This means that you are not allowed to come on campus and sit with your child at breakfast or lunch.


It’s imperative to stay informed of the many events and important activities we have going on at Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter. Upon enrollment, your home phone number is entered into the Blackboard Connect Ed. System. This enables that phone number to receive important and timely information and announcements from the principal. Additionally, make sure to check your child’s backpack for information sent home.